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"The Creative Process"

Caption template:

I think we can all agree that a little motivation goes a long way towards keeping us on task! I like to encourage myself by saying out loud:

Do the mahi get the treats Joy is my reward Work hard and amazing things will happen

You don’t need to tell me twice. What’s your favourite quote to say on task?

Do you keep getting stuck wondering what to post?

Have you said to yourself “I need to get better at social media”, but just keep leaving it in the “too hard” basket?

You know your customers use social media, so you want to be there… but it’s so hard coming up with fresh content ideas.

And if taking photos isn’t your thing, the posts just don’t happen.

Well, good news! There’s now a really easy solution with a Kiwi feel. 

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2022 NZ Social Media Calendar

Are you stuck for content ideas – or want to keep up with important days? Whether you’re looking for National Jandals Day or Māori Language Week – you’ll find it in the 2022 Social Media Calendar.

Hi there,
I’m Sarah Galbraith

Social media can be hugely helpful for growing trust with your community and clients… yet so many people find it difficult to do consistently. I’m here to show you  the easiest way to use social media to grow your business.

As a social media coach, I have worked with businesses throughout NZ helping them capture the power and fun of social media.  From workshops, to one-on-one coaching, to working with NZ Trade and Enterprise, featuring on podcasts, and of course through my own social media, I love training businesses to reach their audience through social media.

"Behind the Scenes"

Caption template:

BTS: Behind all [my/our] greatest work is 

A massive cup of coffee!

What’s keeping

energy creativity inspiration

flowing through your veins? Let us know in the comments!

Testimonials from our subscribers


Today I put your ideas into action. Posted, natively a fun video of Mike, our Founder, shifting some boxes. Offered a free gift (that was a challenge in our organisation) to the first person to guess what’s in the boxes. It had the most engagements of any post we have ever run. Thank you!

Anne Bulley

Communications Director


I’ve been following Social With Sarah for a year or more now, and thoroughly enjoy her posts. She’s so knowledgeable about Instagram, and I rely upon her as my main source of information about any changes being introduced.

Of all the social media gurus out there, Sarah’s definitely my favourite! Why? She’s witty and wacky and so funny, always sending herself up and making me giggle, which has been a godsend during a global pandemic and various lockdowns!

Eliza Griffin

Clear English Coach


I appreciate Sarah’s sharing new developments and insights to help reach my audience on social media. From a workshop, kōrero and her posts, I’ve found Sarah’s hints and tips helpful to be more effective in what I share on social.

As a small business owner, I have found it challenging to be consistent showing up on social along with the other varied roles I need to do – when it’s time for me to re-start sharing on platforms, Sarah’s content, positivity and inspiration is a boost!




I just did my first business Facebook post in ages and it soon had 91 likes. I couldn’t believe it! I used the idea for a post with the signpost pointing to many countries in the world. I used similar wording to your suggestions. People really like it. Thanks so much. I’m excited that I can now post 2-3 times a week because of your great ideas for post content. Thank you so much!


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For a limited time you can become a foundation member at The Social Approach – giving you 50% off your plan for life!

Offer available until December 31 2022

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