7 Ways To Start Captions

Today’s your lucky day, because I’m giving you 7 ways to STOP the scroll!

The first line in your social media caption is undoubtedly the most important part of your caption. In most instances, your viewers will only see a sentence or two before in infamous dot dot dot!

It’s your job to entice your viewers to read further. Whether it’s a reel, a static image post or a carousel – you want your audience to devour ALL of your content – not just the first line. This scroll-stopping first line is called a HOOK.

Here are 7 types of hooks to capture your audience’s attention straight away.

The Quote

Start your caption with an inspirational quote, an old saying or a funny line from a movie. Your audience will want to see what’s next!

The Shock

Use words that are a bit larger than life to arrest your viewer’s attention.

The Controversial Opinion

Share an opinion that is “controversial”. How controversial your opinion is, is entirely up to you. In reality it might not be very controversial at all (e.g. drinking 2 litres of water per day is essential for good skin health), but it is enough to encourage your audience to see more.

The Announcement

Everyone loves to be the first to hear something. Share a brand new announcement or a piece of information you need your audience to know.

The Question

Starting your caption with a question also doubles as a call to action. Share your answer to the question and then double back around to the original question at the end of the post.

The Emotion

Connect with your ideal audience on an emotional level. When your audience feels excited, sad or angry just like you do, they’ll want to read more.

The Secret

Your audience will love to get the inside scoop. Ignoring the 3 dots is simply not an option!!

Do these types of hooks spark some new ideas for you? Try them out in your next social media post.

If you want free access to 14 days of customisable caption templates (hooks included), then sign up here for your 14 day free trial.

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Sarah Galbraith

Sarah Galbraith

Hi, I'm Sarah! I love giving you resources that I wish I had when I started out marketing my business on social media. Enjoy daily inspiration and tools to help make your socials a fun and painless experience. After all, social media should be enjoyed!

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