No Tripod. No Problem.

Consider this your tripod CHEAT SHEET! 

And let me tell you a little secret. Shhh…. don’t tell. Even though I have a phone tripod, I still use many of these ideas on the regular! 

Propping your phone in a variety of settings will help boost the creativity of your reels and videos. 

Think about filming from different perspectives. Try attaching your phone with a rubber band to different objects around your house. Pop it inside cupboards, on shelves or inside of boxes for a reveal. Even propping your phone within the branches of a tree will add an extra level of creativity to your reel.

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40 Reel Ideas

The Social Approach Tripod Alternatives
Sarah Galbraith

Sarah Galbraith

Hi, I'm Sarah! I love giving you resources that I wish I had when I started out marketing my business on social media. Enjoy daily inspiration and tools to help make your socials a fun and painless experience. After all, social media should be enjoyed!

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