Tips For Better Video Quality

  1. Before you start filming, clean your phone lens with a soft cloth. This is so easy to forget to do in the spur of the moment but cleaning your lens will improve your video quality significantly. Don’t forget to clean the front and back lens. A glasses cleaning cloth is perfect if you have one.

  1. In your phone camera settings, turn on the grid mode. This will help you with your composition. If you’re filming yourself, lining your eyes up with the top line of the grid is about right.

  1. Make sure you have good lighting. You can pick up ring lights relatively cheaply, although if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, one where you can adjust the colour temperature is worth it (think the difference between a yellow tungsten lightbulb vs daylight). Facing a big window can work well too – just try and avoid shadows falling across your body or face.

  1. Improve audio by using a microphone. There are some great little audio kits for phones that are reasonably priced. I use a RodeMic Me but they have a range of mics suitable for phones.

  1. Be aware of which platform you’re filming for. Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts are all best shot vertically. Most platforms accommodate vertical video now. Make sure you give yourself enough room above your head as often the social media feed will show a cropped version of the video (losing some of the video at the top and bottom of the screen) until it’s tapped on to display the full screen version of the video.

  1. Film your shots using different angles. Andy from Bullseye Productions NZ says to think about filming your subject from ‘6 sides of the dice’. Filming from different perspectives gives variety to your shots. Consider filming your subject from above, below, and from different sides.

  1. Keep your phone as steady as possible. Use a tripod or a small phone tripod or prop your phone on a windowsill. If you’re moving or walking be aware to keep your movements as steady as you can. If you don’t have a tripod and need to film a moving subject, try locking your elbows in by your waist while holding your phone with both hands.

  1. Film a few seconds before and after your shot. This will help to ensure you didn’t miss anything and it also gives you more options when it comes to editing your video.

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Sarah Galbraith

Sarah Galbraith

Hi, I'm Sarah! I love giving you resources that I wish I had when I started out marketing my business on social media. Enjoy daily inspiration and tools to help make your socials a fun and painless experience. After all, social media should be enjoyed!

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