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I know that you’ve probably found this post because your social media engagement is suffering right now and you’re needing a boost? Am I right?

I want you to know that all is not lost. You can still use social media to reach your audiences organically. If you implement these strategies you WILL see a difference in your engagement rates. 

Giving and Receiving

Engagement on social media is a two way street. Make sure you interact with other accounts regularly. It’s all about giving and receiving.

  • Ask questions everywhere. In your stories, captions, direct messages and reels. Asking questions shows that you’re interested in your audiences thoughts – and it opens up the door to conversations. 
  • Reply to every comment. Conversations build trust. 
  • Use engagement stickers on stories or reels. These open the door to direct message conversations.
  • Respond to other people’s stories. It’s not just about your stories, it’s about theirs too! They will appreciate the engagement and will be more than likely to reciprocate.
  • Create high value content that your audience will be compelled to share or save. These can be funny memes, value packed carousels, or entertaining reels.
  • You can also encourage your audience to turn on post notifications. YouTubers are the best at this call to action. How many times will you hear them actively ask you to “SUBSCRIBE” or to “Hit that bell”!


Collaborating with another account is a way to have your content exposed to new audiences. Find another account that compliments your niche and allows you to both share and receive equal benefits from the collab.

  • Try going live with another account. Better yet, make it a regular event! Don’t be discouraged by the number of people who attend your live. The important thing is that you’re working with another account. You can post the video at the end of the live so that anyone who missed it can watch later. 
  • If you’re on Instagram you can create a collab post where it shows up on both of your feeds. Make sure this is on a topic that will benefit both of your target markets. You can either create it together or take turns.
  • Get your creative juices flowing and create a collab reel with another account. People love to see guest appearances in your reels – and once again your reel will reach both audiences.
  • Give shout outs to other accounts. A bit of appreciation for others goes a long way!
  • Run a competition, a challenge or a giveaway with another account. Working together creates more momentum.
  • Swap accounts for the day with another account and do an Instagram takeover. New faces will create new engagement opportunities. Show up in each other’s stories several times throughout the day and ask for plenty of audience participation!

Your social media engagement CAN BE revived. Ensure your interactions are genuine and watch your social media grow.

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Sarah Galbraith

Sarah Galbraith

Hi, I'm Sarah! I love giving you resources that I wish I had when I started out marketing my business on social media. Enjoy daily inspiration and tools to help make your socials a fun and painless experience. After all, social media should be enjoyed!

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The Social Approach Engagement
Boost Your Social Media Engagement

You can still use social media to reach your audiences organically. If you implement these strategies you WILL see a difference in your engagement rates.

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